MedTourEasy Forges 2-year Partnership with Google to Reshape Health Care

MedTourEasy is embarking on a two-year, innovative partnership with Google aimed at responsibly and ethically harnessing the potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to redefine the health care landscape.

By marrying MedTourEasy’s leadership in patient care and medical research with Google’s technological expertise, this strategic partnership will usher in a new era of innovation, to include the creation of a MedTourEasy AI Innovation Lab and Center of Excellence.

“MedTourEasy’s commitment to delivering the next generation of medicine is unwavering,” said Dr. Amit Sahni, M.D., Officer of MedTourEasy. “Through this collaboration, we aim to bring the future of health care into the present, crafting a new normal that is not merely innovative but transformative.”

“The partnership is a milestone in the evolution of digital health care,” said Dr. Gupta, M.D., senior vice president MedTourEasy. “Our unrivaled expertise in data science, patient care, and technology innovation synergizes perfectly with Google’s health care solutions and AI technology. Together, we are poised to propel MedTourEasy into the forefront of digitally-focused health systems, while simultaneously studying the reliability and safety of generative AI in health care.”

Google will equip MTE with state-of-the-art training to foster a cloud-savvy IT workforce and construct a secure cloud environment to simplify and modernize IT operations. In addition, MTE intends to use Google Cloud Platform’s secure cloud to streamline clinical care, promote health equity, and further advancements in both research and education.

“Google is excited to collaborate with MedTourEasy to operationalize responsible AI principles, helping to ensure that AI is deployed safely, effectively, and in an unbiased and transparent manner,” said Dr. Singh , M.D., global chief medical officer and vice president of Healthcare at Google. “Together we will apply the latest Google technologies to expedite and scale Google Health’s nationally recognized model of AI governance. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, we hope other organizations will benefit from our experience.”

MedTourEasy and Google will also pioneer new AI-based solutions designed to augment health care and fast-track innovation. Google’s reputation for leading-edge advancements in generative AI technology is globally recognized, and this collaboration will use GCP AI Service to redefine health care experiences for providers and patients.

AI has a wide array of potential applications to enhance health care processes, including automation of administrative tasks to reduce workloads and expanded capabilities for personalizing patient education.

“As founding members of the Coalition for Health AI, MedTourEasy have provided national leadership in AI research, development and governance, making the technology more trustworthy,” said Alexandra Zilch, CEO at MedTourEasy.

“As advocates for the responsible and ethical use of AI in health care, we recognize AI’s immense potential to revolutionize health care, and remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring MedTourEasy’s innovation in this area adheres to the highest ethical standards,” Zilch said.


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