Finance and Business Analytics Trainee

Applied Finance in Python Traineeship is a self paced 4 week Industrial Training program with mentorship support.

Program Description

Enhance your Python financial skills and learn how to manipulate data and make better data-driven decisions.

You’ll begin this Traineeship by discovering how to evaluate portfolios, mitigate risk exposure, and use the Monte Carlo simulation to model probability. Next, you’ll learn how to rebalance a portfolio using neural networks. Through interactive coding exercises, you’ll use powerful libraries, including SciPy, statsmodels, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, and XGBoost, to examine and manage risk. You’ll then apply what you’ve learned to answer questions commonly faced by financial firms, such as whether or not to approve a loan or a credit card request, using machine learning and financial techniques. Along the way, you’ll also create GARCH models and get hands-on with real datasets that feature Microsoft stocks, historical foreign exchange rates, and cryptocurrency data. Start this track to advance your Python financial skills.

What we cover in 4 weeks.

Week 1 – 3

Introduction to Portfolio Risk Management in Python

Quantitative Risk Management in Python

Credit Risk Modeling in Python

GARCH Models in Python

Week 4

Capstone Project

Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion

Letter of Recommendation

Complete this course while you work

Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

Best performers will also be offered a job within the company.

Job Category: Data Science Finance
Job Type: Traineeship
Job Location: Remote

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