App Development Trainee

Serverless Firebase Development quest, where you will learn how to do the following using Firebase: 1. Build serverless web apps. 2. Import data into a Firestore database. 3. Create a build pipeline with Cloud Build to automate deployments. 4. Build a Google Assistant application.

Serverless Cloud Run Development, where you will learn how to do the following using Cloud Run: 1. Use Cloud Run to connect and leverage data stored in Cloud Storage. 2. Build a resilient, asynchronous system with Cloud Run and Pub/Sub. 3. Build a REST API gateway using Cloud Run. 4. Build and expose service using Cloud Run

Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant, where you will learn how to build Google Assistant applications, including how to: 1. Create an Actions project. 2. Integrate Dialogflow with an Actions project. 3. Test your application with Actions simulator. 4. Build an Assistant application with flash cards template. 5. Integrate customer MP3 files with your Assistant application. 6. Add Cloud Translation API to your Assistant application. 7. Use APIs and integrate them into your applications.

App Development Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Week 1: Serverless Firebase Development
  • Week 2: Serverless Cloud Run Development
  • Week 3: Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant
  • Week 4: Review of Submitted Assignments

App Development Trainee Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field.
  • Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office.
  • High level of accountability and motivation.
  • Strong Interpersonal, time and project management, presentation, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Creativity and ability to delegate responsibilities.
  • Receptiveness to feedback and adaptability.
  • Willingness to meet deadlines.

Job Category: Data Analysis
Job Type: Internship
Job Location: Remote

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