MedTourEasy in India

Location Highlights

  • The world’s most preferred Medical Tourism Marketplace destination since the past few years.
  • Huge talent pool with diverse skills including engineering, analytics, finance and accounting, business management, quality control and legal, plus proficiency in English
  • Mature healthcare professionals setting up centers of excellence by leveraging next generation technology, highly skilled professionals, domain expertise, experience in business transformation services and a culture of innovation
  • A growing number of cities developing quality real estate with state-of-the-art software technology parks and special economic zones
  • Political stability with government support in the form of infrastructure development, favorable regulatory environment and strong IP protection laws

MedTourEasy Presence

  • Well-known both as an established player of medical tourism services and a pioneer in industry-specific vertical services
  • A market leader with 18 centers across the country and more than 200 employees.
  • Large presence in franchise partners covering all major locations.
  • Serves markets in the US, UK, continental Europe and Asia, in additon to a growing domestic market.

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